This is Home

Lisa Duffy did a wonderful job highlighting the effects that war can have on not just a soldier, but that soldier’s family. There were numerous heartbreaking moments within the pages that really brought that aspect home to me.

The Favorite Daughter

“The people we most love do become a physical part of us, ingrained in our synapses, in the pathways where memories are created.” –Meghan O’Rourke, The Long Goodbye

May Wrap-Up

The month of May brought with it some truly phenomenal reads and I am looking forward to what June has in store!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Finding Dorothy)

“Magic isn’t things materializing out of nowhere. Magic is when a lot of people all believe in the same thing at the same time, and somehow we all escape ourselves a little bit and we meet up somewhere, and just for a moment, we taste the sublime.”

Bring the Rain

“When the grief of losing [her] becomes too much, the sunsets over the ocean remind me of how her smile brightened my cloudy thoughts, and how her beauty burst forth when she smiled. In that last burst of light before dark, I can be with her again.”