If for Any Reason

"Be passionate in other areas, but in matters of the heart, be mindful to use caution. Your heart isn't something to give freely and without thought. It should be protected at all costs.."

Oona Out of Order

"The mirror exposed time's passage, yes, but it eclipsed her heart's true mileage. The lined face, the extra pounds, the hair chemically treated to hide its gray. Each year the body was hers, but her mind was out of sync with her reflection Always playing catch-up, trying to rearrange the scrambled pieces of her life."

In Five Years

"The future is the one that you can count on not abandoning you, kid, he'd said. The future always finds you. Stand still, and it will find you. The way the land just has to run to the sea." -Marianne Wiggins

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

"Your life is still your life... You're still here, inconveniently breathing, watching the sun go down and the moon come up regardless of whether you think it's got a damn nerve showing its shiny face every day."

Stories We Never Told

"Just dinner. The innocence of the phrase is deceptive, as deceptive as the dinner itself would turn out to be. Diner with friends, a table for four. Dinner with people she thought she knew and loved. As it turns out, no one is who she believed they were, least of all herself.."

Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

One of my favorite weekend traditions is to make pancakes for brunch on Sundays. I’m always interested in trying out new recipes for pancakes but now and then it’s nice to return to my favorite recipe.

The Other Mrs.

"There's something off about the house. Something that nags at me, makes me feel uneasy, though I don't know what it is about the house that makes me feel this way... on the surface, there's nothing about the house that's not too like. But, I know better than to take things at face value..."


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