It Can Happen In the Blink of an Eye

In this heartbreaking novel, you follow the Brennans as they navigate through their grief and anger in search of forgiveness. After their life is changed for forever, they will search for answers. What happened? Who’s to blame? Will they ever be able to recover?

A Proposal to Remember

“I’ve spent so long being afraid of love, because the last time I was in love, the man I loved only loved one part of me, but not all of me, and I thought love meant having to sacrifice a part of yourself.”

Will I? or Won’t I? After I Do.

I appreciate every page of this story. It was heartbreaking, uplifting, and humorous; all of the things that make up life. It was such a real book. The events that occurred between Lauren and Ryan could happen to any of us.

What I Learned from Evelyn Hugo

This story taught me countless lessons but it also left me wondering what I could do to become as tenacious as Evelyn Hugo. She was tough as nails and she wasn’t afraid of what life threw at her. Sure, she made some mistakes along the way but she persisted, she did not give up who she was.