When the Moon Turns Blue

Thank you, Random House, for the gifted copy of When the Moon Turns Blue {partner}

Genre: Fiction
Trope: Small-town
Format: 🎧📖
Pub Date: 2.21.2023
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆


On the morning after Harry Cline’s funeral, a rare ice storm hits the town of Wesleyan, Georgia. The community wakes up to find its controversial statue of Confederate general Henry Benning destroyed—and not by the weather. Half the town had wanted to remove the statue; the other half wanted to celebrate it. Now that the matter has been taken out of their hands, the town’s long-simmering tensions are laid bare.

This conflict is especially personal to Harry’s widow, Marietta, who’s never been a fan of the statue. Her brother, Macon, the top defense attorney in the Southeast, is representing Old Man Griffin, the owner of the park where the statue stood. Despite Marietta’s pleas to let the matter rest, Macon is determined to find those responsible for the damage and protect the Griffin legacy—and he’s far from the only person Marietta stands to lose over a statue. Without Harry beside her, Marietta longs to salvage those connections, but the world is changing, and the divide can no longer be ignored.”


“Memories are often stored in a place you don’t visit until trouble pushes open the door.”

When the Moon Turns Blue is my second book from Pamela Terry, and it’s the second time I’ve fallen in love with her writing style. Her words elicit so much emotion from me and bring everything to life. Sitting down and losing myself in her words is always a joy.

She also has this knack for creating characters and storylines that always pull me into the book. In this story, Terry brings to light a lot of issues that our country is facing and does so in a small southern community with a diverse demographic.

There are A LOT of characters in When the Moon Turns Blue, but at the start of each chapter, the reader is given a glimpse at who will be featured in that chapter (so pay attention). While there are a lot of characters, they all circle around the prominent people – Marietta, Butter, Gordon, Glinda, and Macon. I wrote down who was who at first, which helped me remember names and how they were related. But I never felt overwhelmed or confused about the characters. Plus, seeing how they all ultimately connected to the story was fun.

Another element I loved about When the Moon Turns Blue is that the main characters are all in their 60s and 70s. I love when authors break out of the typical character age we see and create characters with experience and wisdom.

👥 Lots of character connections
😍 Storytelling at its finest
😬 Depiction of America’s reality
💯 MCs in their 60’s and 70’s

I recommend reading When the Moon Turns Blue if you enjoy reading The Thursday Murder Club – they are different genres but have the same feel.

Format: 304 pages, hardcover
Published: February 2023
ISBN 9780593359204 (ISBN10: 0593359208)

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