The Social Climber

Thank you, Park Row Books, for the gifted copy of The Social Climber {partner}

Genre: Fiction
Format: 📖
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 1.3.2023
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆.5


“For Eliza Bennett, all her planning and scheming for her dream wedding is about to pay off. She’s girlbossed her way into an elite Manhattan lifestyle, including a high-powered job in PR and an engagement to Graham Walker, a high-society Yale graduate from a prominent blue-blooded family.

But as the big day approaches, secrets from Eliza’s past attendance at an Evangelical college start to throw her true motives into question. Who exactly is Eliza Bennett and what does she really want?”


“You’re either kind, or you’re not. You’re born with it, or you die without it.”

If you’re seriously considering reading The Social Climbers (and you should), I suggest straying away from most reviews. I read this title a few weeks before publishing, and I went into it without reading any reviews or other details — I relied solely on the synopsis, and it paid off. But I know that a review might help you add this to your 2023 reading list.

Typically I’m not too fond of stories about the entitled 1%, but The Social Climber kept my attention, and although the main character had an unsettling personality, I strangely liked her. The author, Amanda Pellegrino, crafted this book so that I constantly found myself reading “just one more chapter” because I couldn’t put it down.

Slow-burn stories aren’t my typical cup of tea, but The Social Climber unfolded so carefully and intentionally that I never found myself bored. I was fascinated as I knew something about the story was not quite right…

The ending was full of so many “didn’t see this coming” moments. And I loved it! It felt like the fog had lifted, and I was seeing everything clearly.

✌🏼 Alternating timelines
🙃 Unsettling but likable MC
📖 The whole book is a “one more chapter” vibe
🧐 Mysterious undertone
🤯 Those reveals

❌ Anorexia, bulimia, compulsive Exercise, and fat shaming are very present in this book. It goes along with the story, but I think it was a tad over the top (why I knocked 1/2 star off)

I recommend reading The Social Climber if you’re looking for a compulsive read that will leave you guessing.

Format: 320 pages, paperback
Published: January 2023
ISBN 9780778387022 (ISBN10: 077838702X)

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