The Key to My Heart

Thank you, Atria Books, for the gifted copy of The Key to My Heart 🎹 {partner}

Genre: Romance
Format: 🎧
Pub Date: 12.6.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆


“Sparkly and charming Natalie Fincher has it all—a handsome new husband, a fixer-upper cottage of her dreams, and the opportunity to tour with the musical she’s spent years writing. But when her husband suddenly dies, all her hopes and dreams instantly disappear.

Two and a half years later, Natalie is still lost. She works, sleeps (well, as much as the sexually frustrated village foxes will allow), and sees friends just often enough to allay their worries, but her life is empty. And she can only bring herself to play music at a London train station’s public piano where she can be anonymous. She’s lost motivation, faith in love, in happiness…in everything.

But when someone begins to mysteriously leave the sheet music for her husband’s favorite songs at the station’s piano, Natalie begins to feel a sense of hope and excitement for the first time. As she investigates just who could be doing this, Natalie finds herself on an unexpected journey toward newfound love for herself, for life, and maybe, for a special someone.”


“It’s not selfish to want something, but what I often forget is that we can’t really expect other people to know what we want without saying it out loud. People are barely tuned into what they want from themselves, let alone what other people want.”

This makes my second book from Lia Louis – my first was Dear Emmie Blue and, my gosh, I love that book! Sometimes I find that authors will change their writing styles slowly with each book that they write. But Louis is a constant. She writes each book with so much heart and her books are always filled with characters to love and cheer on.

The Key to My Heart was a beautiful story about dealing with the pain of navigating grief, but also learning how to live and, possibly, love again. I loved reaching and listening along as Natalie’s character grew. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely times that I was left sad, but the beauty of Louis’ writing is that the sadness is never for long.

🚫 Not a holiday book
🎧 Love that audiobook narrator
💞 Story about friendship
🐌 A bit slow in places
🤭 Fun character banter

I recommend reading The Key to My Heart if you enjoy reading character driven stories.

Format: 352 pages, paperback
Published: December 2022
ISBN 9781668001264 (ISBN10: 1668001268)

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