Merry Ex-Mas 🎁

Genre: Holiday Romance
Trope: Second Chance (and a few others)
Format: 📖
Pub Date: 10.1.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆.5


“I haven’t been home for Christmas in eight years.

But that’s about to change. This year, I’m traveling to my small hometown to convince my producer to make me the permanent host of Good Day Denver.

The plan: Charm viewers by sharing my favorite family Christmas traditions, and in turn, get the likes, clicks and shares to land the job.

Not the plan: Running into my ex-boyfriend.

In my house.

For Christmas.

But here he is, a guest of my mother, who apparently had more trouble letting go of Max Weber than I did.

Unfortunately, he is as handsome and charming and talented and annoying and frustrating and flirty as ever.

Even more unfortunately, he seems to have a plan of his own—to convince me to give him a second chance.

Which is not happening.

There’s just one problem—my viewers love him. More than that, they love us. Me and Max. My ex.

The boy who broke my heart.

The boy I now have to fake flirt with to win over the hearts of my viewers.

But it’s not their hearts I’m worried about. . . it’s mine.”


“The pain you don’t deal with always finds a way to come back. It will demand attention.”

Another fun book from Courtney Walsh! When Courtney says that she loves writing holiday books, she means it; and it shows throughout her books. Last year, I read and loved A Cross Country Christmas, and this year it’s Merry Ex-Mas which is the perfect romance trope mash-up (second chance, fake dating, forced proximity).

Merry Ex-Mas focuses a lot on what it means to forgive someone, even if you aren’t sure you’re ready to let your feelings go. My only complaint from this book is that Marin is a teeny tiny bit too moody. I understand why she’s upset with Max, but there were times that I genuinely felt bad for the guy. But that also might’ve been as I was privy to his side of the story through his chapters.

So many times, this book had me rolling with laughter from either the character’s witty banter or the seemingly endless, awkward situations Marin and Max found themselves in on countless occasions. One that was incredibly hilarious involved a deflating parade float 🦌

📍Small town setting
🗓️ Days leading up to Christmas
✌🏼 Dual POV
🤶🏼 Fun holiday traditions
💖 Romance trope mash-up
🚪 Closed-door romance

I recommend reading Merry Ex-Mas if you enjoyed reading A Cross Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh!

Format: 305 pages, paperback
Published: October 2022
ISBN 9798358591431

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