A Quiet Life

Thank you, Scribner Books, for the gifted copy of A Quiet Life {partner}

Genre: Fiction
Format: 📖
Pub Date: 11.29.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


“Set in a close-knit Pennsylvania suburb in the grip of winter, A Quiet Life follows three people grappling with loss and finding a tender wisdom in their grief.

Chuck Ayers used to look forward to nothing so much as his annual trip to Hilton Head with his wife, Cat—that yearly taste of relaxation they’d become accustomed to in retirement, after a lifetime of working and raising two children. Now, just months after Cat’s death, Chuck finds that he can’t let go of her things—her favorite towel, the sketchbooks in her desk drawer—as he struggles to pack for a trip he can’t imagine taking without her.

Ella Burke delivers morning newspapers and works at a bridal shop to fill her days while she anxiously awaits news—any piece of information—about her missing daughter. Ella adjusts to life in a new apartment and answers every call on her phone, hoping her daughter will reach out one day.

After the sudden death of her father, Kirsten Bonato set aside her veterinary school aspirations, finding comfort in the steady routine of working at an animal shelter. But as time passes, old dreams and new romantic interests begin to surface—and Kirsten finds herself at another crossroads.”


“Be someone’s cardinal.”

Last year, I loved reading A Little Hope by Ethan Joella- it was just what I needed, and it’s hard to believe it was Joella’s debut novel. Then somehow, he’s done it again with A Quiet Life. At the first mention of a cardinal, I knew this was the book I needed to read.

A Quiet Life was simultaneously stunning and heartbreaking — a true testament to the writer (and person) that Ethan Joella is.

The last time I loved a cast of characters this much was while reading the Thursday Murder Club series. It’s rare for me to be unable to pick a favorite character, but I really treasured every single character in A Quiet Life. They were all unique, funny, compassionate, and learning to cope with their seemingly insurmountable grief in their own ways. I knew their stories would intersect at some point, and when they did, I cried out of sheer joy at the lengths they were willing to go to for strangers. It was beautiful.

A Quiet Life packs a lot into its 304 pages, but it never felt overwhelming or unnecessary. I wish there had been more because I didn’t want it to end.

🥰 Found Family
🥺 About the fragility of life
🔀 Intersection of character’s lives
📖 A story you won’t want to end

I recommend reading A Quiet Life if you enjoyed reading All the Lonely People.

Format: 304 pages, hardback
Published: November 2022
ISBN 9781982190972 (ISBN10: 1982190973)

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