Waiting for December

Thank you to the author, Riley Costello, for the gifted copy of Waiting for December! ❄️ {partner}

Genre: Holiday Romance
Trope: Love Triangle
Format: 📖
Pub Date: 9.27.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


“After losing her job and being jilted by her fiancé, Harper James is hoping to find herself-not love-this holiday season. So when she meets Sky while flying to Vermont to try and start over, she doesn’t welcome the attraction, she resists it. It’s clear there’s something there though-something special both don’t want to lose. Sky suggests a pact: they’ll put their romance on pause and reunite on Christmas Eve for a second date.

Harper has every intention of waiting for Sky…until she meets Jesse in Vermont. Over the next three months, as Jesse helps Harper look inward and discover what she truly wants from life, he works his way into her heart, making her question if she should hold onto hope for Sky, or if true love is right in front of her.”


“I guess I don’t want to be free so much as I want to belong — to myself, to a place in the world, to a community. I don’t think I’ve ever felt any of that.”

My first Holiday Romance of 2022! And it’s from Riley Costello, who wrote one of my small-town favorites Waiting at Hayden’s, in 2019.

This book was everything I needed to begin my holiday season, and yes, it was the first book I read once my Christmas decorations were up. But it was a perfect November read, too, as most of this story takes place before Christmas. And the story is set in a small inn in Stowe, VT – picture-perfect for a holiday rom-com.

At first, I was 100% into Sky’s character. He was intelligent, witty, sexy, and a pilot, so how could Harper not like him? But then Jesse came into the picture, and… I’m sorry, Sky, who? Waiting for December is one of those books where you’re either going to be Team Sky or Team Jesse, and I’m in Jesse’s corner.

But, besides the love triangle that Harper was experiencing. I loved that she was putting herself and her needs first. She needed time to rest, recover and figure herself out before she made her decision. I also love that Riley Costello allowed that to happen for Harper and didn’t force anything.

❄️ Stowe, VT setting
🎄 Set in the three months leading up to Christmas
🥰 All the feels

I recommend adding Waiting for December to your holiday reading list!

Format: 269 pages, paperback
Published: September 2022
ISBN 9781732303348

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