A Touch of Moonlight

Thank you, Harper Books and Harper Audio, for the gifted copy and audiobook of A Touch of Moonlight {partner}

Genre: Fantasy
Trope: Romance
Format: 🎧
Pub Date: 10.25.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆


“Larimar Cintrón works hard at three things: her job as brand manager for Beacon Café, a New York based corporate bakery chain; taking care of her parents and her abuela; and hiding that she’s a ciguapa—a mythical creature of Dominican folklore with long, straight hair and backwards-facing feet. Larimar may only be a ciguapa on full moons, but she feels like an outsider in her family the rest of the month too. Her love of ’90s punk rock music and style further sets her apart. But when her best friend introduces her to Ray, a bakery owner and fellow punk rock lover, Larimar thinks she may have finally found someone with whom she can be her true self.

As Beacon’s brand manager, Larimar oversees all new location openings, including its newest store in New Jersey, which could be the project that finally lands her a coveted promotion. But when she discovers the location is right across from Ray’s bakery, Borrachitos, Larimar is torn between impressing her boss and saving Ray’s business.

As Larimar continues to grow closer to Ray and the new store’s opening looms, she struggles to hide the truth about herself and her job. But embracing her magical nature may be the only way Larimar can have everything she wants. Witty and poignant, A Touch of Moonlight is a celebration of heritage, culture, and identity.”


A Touch of Moonlight was such a delightful book to read! The characters were fun, and I loved the ease of Santos’ writing style. One of my favorite parts of this book was the baking AND the author included recipes in the book!

The only complaints I have are that I didn’t love the dishonesty of the MC (and subsequently the third act break-up that ensued). I also didn’t think that the Ciguapa element added much to the novel – it could’ve been left out, and I think the book would’ve been fine.

💨 Easy & quick read
💯 Audiobook narration (thank you Harper Audio)
🤌🏼 Vivid descriptions of food and baking
🙄 Third act break-up
🇩🇴 Loved learning about the Dominican Culture and folklore
🤩 Recipes included
🥰 Light Romance (not steamy at all)

If you’re looking for the perfect cozy read for this spooky season, I recommend adding A Touch of Moonlight to your reading list!

Format: 304 pages, paperback
Published: October 2022
ISBN: 0063159031 (ISBN13: 9780063159037)

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