The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie

Thank you, Berkley Publishing and Uplit Reads, for the gifted copy of The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie. {partner}

Genre: Romance/Magical Realism
Trope: Second Chase
Format: πŸ“–
Pub Date: 8.2.2022
Star Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†.5


“Lolly Blanchard’s life only seems to give her lemons. Ten years ago, after her mother’s tragic death, she broke up with her first love and abandoned her dream of opening a restaurant in order to keep her family’s struggling Seattle diner afloat and care for her younger sister and grieving father. Now, a decade later, she dutifully whips up the diner’s famous lemon meringue pies each morning while still pining for all she’s lost.

As Lolly’s thirty-third birthday approaches, her quirky great-aunt gives her a mysterious gift–three lemon drops, each of which allows her to live a single day in a life that might have been hers. What if her mom hadn’t passed away? What if she had opened her own restaurant in England? What if she hadn’t broken up with the only man she’s ever loved? Surprising and empowering, each experience helps Lolly let go of her regrets and realize the key to transforming her life lies not in redoing her past but in having the courage to embrace her present.”


“Life doesn’t work that way. If you cling so tight to something that’s already broken, to a life and a dream that can never come true, you don’t have space in your life for anything else.”

I started my reading month with the Magic of Lemon Drop pie by Rachel Linden, and it was just what I needed to set August off on the right foot. It took me about 100 pages to get into the story, but then I didn’t want to put it down.

You all know that I love magical realism, but I also love second-chance life stories. At some point in time, we have all been in Lolly’s shoes, and reading Magic of Lemon Drop Pie had me thinking about the pieces of my life I would like to do over. This book looked at our decisions, where they lead us, and the repercussions our choices can have on our future selves.

I’m so pleased with how the ending of The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie turned out. It was a charming story that made me happy and left me smiling as I closed the book.

⏰ Past & Present
✌🏼Dual Timeline – glimpses at young romance
πŸ“– Slow to start, but I was fully invested by page 100
πŸ’— Second chance at love
πŸ₯° Story of self-discovery

I recommend you read The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie if you enjoyed reading One Italian Summer.

πŸ₯§: Lemon Drop Pie (recipe included in the back of the book)

Format: 352 pages, paperback
Published: August 2022
ISBN 0593440196 (ISBN13: 9780593440193)

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