These Impossible Things

These Impossible Things

Thank you, Grand Central Publishing, for the gifted copy of These Impossible Things {partner}

Genre: Fiction
Format: 📖
Pub Date: 6.7.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

“Some evenings demand you walk through them. You can’t get on a bus or in a car because then you’ll miss it. Miss the exact moment the changing summer sky turns from blue to pink to black.”

I know that my review will not do this book justice, but I will still try to convince you to read this incredible, heartbreaking, uplifting story of friendship, love, and all the ways the world can bend us to do impossible things.

Salma El-Wardnay is an exceptionally talented writer who describes even the most mundane moments with such beauty that I re-read whole pages to experience them again. I wish I could accurately articulate how she represents the characters of this book — I was so invested in them. I laughed with them, felt the love they experienced, and wept as their hearts were shattered.

These Impossible Things is a testament to female friendship and how meaningful these relationships can be. Besides friendship, I learned a lot about the Muslim religion, and I’m embarrassed to say that it’s not something I’ve spent much time reading about, but this book made me want to change that.

There were several beautiful moments in this story, but there were just as many difficult passages to read. Mixed within these pages are references to gaslighting, domestic/emotional/mental abuse, abortion, and rape. I do not want any of these triggers to prevent you from reading this book. If you have any concerns, please message me.

Again, thank Grand Central Publishing for the gifted book; Read with Jenna for giving this the attention it deserves; and, most importantly, thank you to Salma El-Wardany for writing this story. These Impossible Things will be going on my favorites of 2022 list.

Book Info
Format: 400 pages, hardback
Published: June 2022 by Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 9781538709306 (ISBN10: 1538709309)
Free review copy provided by publisher, Grand Central Publishing , in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.

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