Shadows of Pecan Hollow

Shadows of Pecan Hollow

Thank you, William Morrow Books, for gifting me a copy of Shadows of Pecan Hollow {partner}


“It was 1970 when thirteen-year-old Kit Walker was abducted by Manny Romero, a smooth-talking, low-level criminal. Longing for the family and security she never had, she allowed herself to be coddled and groomed into Manny’s partner-in-crime. Before long, Kit and Manny became infamous for their string of gas station robberies throughout Texas, making a name for themselves as the Texaco Twosome.

But as Manny’s fatherly demeanor shifts to something darker and more violent, Kit is forced to reconsider their relationship and her own safety. In a flash decision, she leaves Manny at a holdup gone wrong.

Thirteen years after her escape, she has made a home for herself and her daughter amongst the pecan trees and muddy creeks of the claustrophobic town of Pecan Hollow. When Manny shows up at her doorstep a new man, fresh out of prison, Kit’s profound and twisted attachment to him compels her to let him in. Immediately, Kit’s world is transformed and her community is sent into a tailspin.”


Genre: Historical Fiction
Time: 1970’s & 1990’s
Pub Date: 2.8.2022
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆.5

“There is no reason to run except that deep inside, she knew she was not free, that had always been the choice, between freedom and longing. He had saved her life, and she belonged to him.”

Shadows of Pecan Hollow is one of those books that I love, but I also have difficulty putting together my thoughts because it made me so uncomfortable. I knew from the beginning that it would not be an easy read, but I don’t think I was prepared for the journey that it would take me on.

There were several very intense and uncomfortable scenes involving the MC. Some scenes were so challenging to read that I felt like I needed to close the book and step away for a moment. Some chapters left me wanting to scream at the unfairness of the situation. I felt like countless scenes had me holding my breath, and they all involved Manny. He made me disgusted, uncomfortable and angry — which are all signs that Caroline Frost is a talented writer, but how could I “enjoy” a story like this?

I’m in awe of all of the details that Frost packed into her story and the characters she created that were full of good and evil.

Instead of my “quick takes,” I feel like aspects of the book that I should warn you about. There are two reasonably graphic depictions of animal cruelty that result in the death of the animals. There is a fairly graphic scene involving an assault of one of the characters. There are also many scenes involving Manny and Kit that depict her mistreatment (grooming, gaslighting, violence). DM me, and I can provide some page numbers if you need more info.

Again, not an easy read, and I can’t say that it left me feeling happy at the end.. maybe hopeful. But, it was an incredible debut from the author, and I look forward to reading what she writes next.

I recommend you read Shadows of Pecan Hollow if you enjoyed reading The Great Alone and Where the Crawdads Sing.

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