Under the Whispering Door

Under the Whispering Door

Thank you, Tor Books, for gifting me a copy of Under the Whispering Door {partner}

Genre: Fantasy

Pub Date: 9.21.21

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

“Death has a beauty to it. We don’t see it because we don’t want to. And that makes sense. Why would we want to focus on something that takes us away from everything we know? How do we even begin to understand that’s more than we see?”

If you haven’t read this book — you absolutely must. I felt like the entire book was one big hug and ode to the grief that we all carry. I could read this book again and again and find a new lesson in every chapter. 

I laughed so many times (and I cried, too). I loved all of the characters – even the rough ones who talked tough and carried enormous weight on their shoulders. We all have something to learn, and this story showed that. The banter between the characters is the type of banter that is often so hard for an author to portray, but @tjklune did such a marvelous job. 

Oh, I know I mentioned I cried. But I cried all the ugly tears. Wallace and Hugo are the epitomai of what love and friendship should be.

😂 Witty banter

🥰 Heartfelt moments 

💗 Genuine and lovable characters that I want to have as friends

🦮👴🏼 Apollo & Nelson

🏳️‍🌈 Wallace and Hugo

💛 Lessons on death and grief

If you’ve recently lost someone you love, I know it won’t be an easy read, but it puts many things into perspective. 

“You’re not alive, but you still exist.”


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