Out of Love

Out of Love

Thank you, Dutton Books, for putting this excellent book on my radar and gifting me a copy! 

Genre: Fiction 

Trope: Romance

Pub Date: 9.28.21

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

“That’s the problem with breakups, though. It’s not just two people saying goodbye and going their separate ways; it’s the excruciating process of untangling two lives, picking them apart like some sad surgical procedure, trying to detach this thing from that while causing as little lasting damage as possible.”

Romance books. We’ve read them and, for the most part, enjoy them. A couple meets, falls in love, and lives happily ever after. But, in Out of Love by Hazel Hayes begins as a couple breaks up and then takes a look at their relationship in reverse. Finally, concluding with the night that they met—what a brilliant, innovative, and refreshing story this was to read. I was utterly hypnotized by Hayes’ writing and how she packed so much into this story. 

💡 Brilliant take on falling in & out of love

💗 Innovative & refreshing

📖 Long chapters (50-60 pages) for each “chapter” of their relationship

👿 Monster-in law Jocelyn

👯‍♀️ Story of friendship mixed in

 Trigger warnings:

  • There is a very graphic/very real chapter involving miscarriage. The last part of the chapter with the women from Maya’s office had me sobbing. Truly beautiful writing
  • Domestic violence and toxic relationships

Out of Love looks at romantic relationships, friendships, sexuality, trauma, and all that goes into falling in and out of love. I can’t recommend this book enough and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to read it before its publication in the US.

In short….READ THIS BOOK!!!

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