Apples Never Fall

Apples Never Fall

Thank you, Henry Holt Books, for the gifted copy of Apples Never Fall {partner}

Genre: Fiction

Trope: Family Saga

Pub Date: 9.14.21

Star Rating: ☆☆☆.5

“The past could look very different depending on where you stopped to look at it.”

Why do I always go into Liane Moriarity’s books thinking that it will be a thriller? Every single time. It’s like my brain has been wired to associate her name with a thriller, which is never the case. Instead, Moriarity tends to write about dysfunctional families/people who are just trying to get by. So, that frame of mind tends to change my perspective of the book ( a bit).

Apples Never Fall is not a novel where many things happen; it’s more of a detailed character-driven story. As the reader, you learn about the Delaney family in such detail you begin to think of them as your family members. There are a lot of characters, but I didn’t find it challenging to keep them straight. 

In my opinion, the book was too long. I found there to be entire sections that seemed wholly unnecessary to the plot. 

🗣 Lots and lots of internal dialogue

✂️ A bit too long

😬 Ending was anti-climatic 

🎧 The audiobook narrator was fabulous!

👥 Character-driven

I read the book and also listened to it through @librofm — I highly recommend the audiobook!

I recommend you read Apples Never Fall if you’re a fan of Little Fires Everywhere or Truly, Madly Guilty.

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One response to “Apples Never Fall”

  1. I haven’t read any of Liane Moriarty’s books, but I tried watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu and didn’t care for it. I’ve wondered about Big Little Lies. Sounds like I’m not missing out on much!


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