The Book of Accidents

The Book of Accidents

Thank you, Del Rey Books, for the gifted copy of Book of Accidents {partner}

Genre: Horror/ Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Trope: Good vs. Evil

Pub Date: 7.20.21

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆.5

 “What I know is that life is strange. It’s full of mistakes and regrets, and our minds are very good at bringing those out at the worst of times, the times when we’re most vulnerable. Like dreams. The best we can do.. is to figure out how to move forward. How we correct the errors we made to give some peace to ourselves.. and to those we may have hurt.”

Alright.. my goal was to step out of my reading comfort zone and I definitely did. Let’s just say this book had me wanting to double-check my doors and sleep with the lights on. I’m not sure how I made it through this novel because it is not for the faint of heart. I knew within the first 50 pages that this was going to be a wild ride and it was. 

Besides being out of my comfort zone, the reason that I was able to stick with BoA through the entirety of its 544 pages is that the writing is phenomenal. Wendig created this entire world and then created other worlds within that and it was brilliant. I also didn’t feel like the storyline was going over my head as I often do when science fiction is involved – I was able to keep up with all the characters, situations, and storylines with relative ease. Also, I didn’t think that anything needed to be cut from the storyline either. 

😱 Complex characters

💥 Good vs. evil / End of Days 

🌎 A hard look at the reality of our world

🙈 Grotesque and, at times, disturbing descriptions

👌🏽 Ending was perfect

There is not a trigger that is not covered in this book so if you have questions please feel free to message me. 

I recommend you read The Book of Accidents if you’re a fan of Recursion, The Shadows, Whisper Man, Mexican Gothic, or Stranger Things.

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