The Stranger in the Mirror

The Stranger in the Mirror

Thank you @harperbooks for the gifted copy of The Stranger in the Mirror {partner}

Genre: Mystery

Trope: Amnesia

Pub Date: 7.6.21

Star Rating: ☆☆

Ooookay, let me begin by saying that I love Liv Constantine — I always look forward to their books and will continue to read what they write, but The Stranger in the Mirror was not for me. 

The entire book left me rolling my eyes at the predictable, cheesy nature of the storyline. For some reason, the dialogue throughout the novel did not feel genuine – it was almost disjointed. Then I was constantly confused if the characters were referring to the past or present, there were flashbacks nestled in every chapter, and I ended up feeling lost on several occasions. The entire book felt unbelievable, and, in my opinion, none of the characters were that likable. 

The ONLY reason I gave this two stars instead of 1 is that there was a single twist at the end that I did not predict, AND I did finish the book instead of DNFing it.

🤔 Present and past confusion

👎🏼 Unlikeable characters

🤪 Unbelievable storyline

🗣 Disjointed dialogue

🔀 Twisty ending

Again, this is just MY opinion, and I will continue to read Liv Constantine’s books in the future — this one wasn’t for me.

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