Thank you to my friends at Sourcebooks/Bookmarked for the gifted copy of Hostage! ✈️ {partner}

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Author: Clare Mackintosh

Pub Date: 6.22.21

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

“Sometimes you have to do something bad to stop more bad things from happening.”

Well… I definitely won’t be getting on a plane any time soon. Hostage was a propulsive thriller that had me questioning everyone and everything that was happening in the story. 

The way the book was written reminded me of Dear Edward but in a much darker way. Each chapter was narrated by either Mina or Adam but then we heard from several passengers aboard the flight – it kept my attention and held it until that shocking end. I can 100% see this being made into a movie.

🧐 unreliable narrators

😳 an ending that left me stunned

💥 action-packed

chronological timeline

made me question what I would do in this situation

Triggers: sexual assault

I recommend you read Hostage if you’re a fan of nail-biting thrillers like Little Secrets, A Good Marriage, Girls Like Us or anything Karin Slaughter. Add this one to your reading list, today!

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