Meet Me in Another Life

Meet Me in Another Life

Thank you William Morrow Books for gifting me a copy of Meet Me in Another Life!

Genre: Romance/Science Fiction

Pub Date: 4.27.21

Star Rating: ☆☆☆

“You have to stop thinking of each life as self-contained. It’s the big picture. It’s the whole.”

Have you ever read a book and felt like the concept was just so completely over your head that you don’t think you could fully appreciate the story? 

Yeah.. that’s where I am with this book. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is incredible and deeply imaginative; I just felt like I was missing something. I almost DNF a few times but then the story would draw me in and keep me wanting to know more. 

  • Each chapter felt like a short story
  • Fascinating look at the quantum theory of reincarnation
  • Started as a romance, ended as science fiction

I think that this will be a book that I will need to read again and I might need to read it slower/break it up over a period of time in order to fully appreciate the story!

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