A Princess for Christmas

A Princess for Christmas

Thank you to Avon Books for gifting me a copy of A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday.

“Leo Ricci’s already handling all he can, between taking care of his little sister Gabby, driving a cab, and being the super of his apartment building in the Bronx. But when Gabby spots a “princess” in a gown outside of the UN trying to hail a cab, she begs her brother to stop and help. Before he knows it, he’s got a real-life damsel in distress in the backseat of his car.

Princess Marie of Eldovia shouldn’t be hailing a cab, or even be out and about. But after her mother’s death, her father has plunged into a devastating depression and the fate of her small Alpine country has fallen on Marie’s shoulders. She’s taken aback by the gruff but devastatingly handsome driver who shows her more kindness than she’s seen in a long time.

When Marie asks Leo to be her driver for the rest of her trip, he agrees, thinking he’ll squire a rich miss around for a while and make more money than he has in months. He doesn’t expect to like and start longing for the unpredictable Marie. And when he and Gabby end up in Eldovia for Christmas, he discovers the princess who is all wrong for him is also the woman who is his perfect match.”

Holiday reads, do you enjoy them? I have to admit that I have never enjoyed them — just like I’ve not been a huge fan of the Hallmark holiday movies either. Just too much cheese. But, this year, something clicked and I have LOVED reading holiday books. I think that my brain is just happy to have something with some predictability and comfort. Because isn’t that the basis for these books – you know that two people (either strangers or friends) are going to fall in love, there will be an obstacle and then everything will work out just like a fairy tale. That predictability helps me sleep at night.

Combine a holiday read and royalty, I’m set! I’m all for that will they, won’t they – oh they are finally going to kiss moment.

But, a Princess for Christmas had the will they, won’t they — oh, they are finally going to kiss moment. But, no, wait, they are going to do WAY more than a kiss. Oh my god, my eyes! As I read this feel-good holiday book, I could feel my cheeks turning red because good grief did this book have a lot of steam.

Overall, it was a fun story that allowed me a few minutes of escape from my life, but it didn’t leave me with that overall holiday cheer. Don’t get me wrong, it was a sweet story, and I got a kick out of all the characters, but it just didn’t feel me with all that holiday happiness. I gave it 3.5 stars (rounded up to 4 on Goodreads). However, I will say that if Jenny Holiday were to write a sequel to this book, I would read it.

I recommend this if you enjoy a Hallmark holiday movie that airs on the HBO channel. It’s full of laughable moments, some royal fun, A LOT of steam, and predictability. My favorite characters were Gabby and Mr. Benz.

A Princess for Christmas was published in October and is available to order now. For more reviews and book features, check out my Instagram page!

I have been loving my subscription to Sipsby — every month, I receive a box full of delicious teas that have been handpicked just for me. They make for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or the perfect drink to sip on while cozied of to my current read!

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