Alex Six

Alex Six

Thank you to the author, Vince Taplin, for gifting me a copy of his book to read and review!

“Time and time again the procedure doesn’t work. Alexa and Francis were wealthy executives who had everything, except for kids. When he tragically passed away, she gave up hope for being a mother until she met Vick, who is a perfect doppelgänger of her husband.

She pays him for his donations to produce a child who resembles her husband. Vick’s marriage begins to strain. Alex wants his genes and is wealthy, attractive, powerful, and obsessed.

He has no idea she is watching him.”

I don’t think I’ve read a book as shockingly disturbing as ALEX SIX since I read Verity last year. It was a wild ride that had me questioning everything. When combining the short chapters, the unreliable characters, and the creep factor – I couldn’t put this book down. There were times that I had to go back and reread sections because I wasn’t sure as to what was happening, and I wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp on the storyline. There is a lot that happens in 329 pages.

I did not care for any of the characters. Vick was essentially everything that I do not like in a man and Alex, well she was flipping crazy. I did feel sorry for Vick’s wife as she became the “middleman” and had some heinous events happen to her. 

ALEX SIX is out now and can be purchased on Amazon! Oh, and if you do decide to add this one to your reading list, be prepared to never look at vanilla extract the same way again. 

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