Just Like Home

Thank you to Courtney Walsh for gifting me a copy of her newest novel, JUST LIKE HOME. 

“Prima ballerina Charlotte Page has a life any dancer would envy, but the tragic loss of her best friend, Julianna, leaves her wanting more. Or maybe—less. In an effort to make her life about something other than accolades and applause, Charlotte leaves professional ballet to save Julianna’s small-town dance studio which lands her directly in the path of the cranky high school football coach and Julianna’s older brother, Cole Turner.

Fresh off a state win and a bitter divorce, the last thing Cole expects is for a prima ballerina to chip away at the wall he’s grown quite comfortable hiding behind.”

I have always loved ballet; honestly, one of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn’t take the opportunity to take ballet lessons. I may have been horrible at it, but I wish I had tried. So, when I saw the synopsis for this book and that it featured a Prima ballerina, I knew that I would love the story. 

JUST LIKE HOME is my second book of Walsh’s that I have read, and it amazes me how she can create incredibly relatable storylines. I’m not surprised to find some connection with the characters in the book, and Walsh’s words always manage to touch on a thought that I have had but never voiced. 

Not only are the characters relatable, but the storylines feel real and contain so much heart. Walsh takes these characters that are filled with sadness and regret and brings them back to life. JUST LIKE HOME had so much love and sincere characters that I could feel my heart swelling with every turn of the page. I should also mention that keeping tissues handy would be a great idea as you may need them a time or two. 

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read a book by Courtney Walsh, please add her work to your reading list. All of her books are so good for the heart! JUST LIKE HOME is available on Amazon and the Kindle version is currently free with Amazon Prime!

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