The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett

“It’s never too late to start living..”

Thank you to William Morrow for gifting me a copy of THE BRILLIANT LIFE OF EUDORA HONEYSETT. 

“Eudora Honeysett is done with this noisy, moronic world—all of it. She has witnessed the indignities and suffering of old age and has lived a full life. At eighty-five, she isn’t going to leave things to chance. Her end will be on her terms. With one call to a clinic in Switzerland, a plan is set in motion. 

Then she meets ten-year-old Rose Trewidney, a whirling, pint-sized rainbow of color and sparkling cheer. All Eudora wants is to be left alone to set her affairs in order. Instead, she finds herself embarking on a series of adventures with the irrepressible Rose and their affable neighbor, the recently widowed Stanley—afternoon tea, shopping sprees, trips to the beach, birthday celebrations, pizza parties. 

While the trio of unlikely BFFs grow closer and anxiously await the arrival of Rose’s new baby sister, Eudora is reminded of her childhood—of losing her father during World War II and the devastating impact it had on her entire family. In reflecting on her past, Eudora realizes she must come to terms with what lies ahead.”

After spending a few weeks of September in a reading rut that I was trying desperately to dig myself out of by reading three books at the same time (don’t ask me how I thought that would work), I finally decided to pick a book that I knew would be good for my soul. I am undeniably a sucker for any book that features an older character looking back at their life. I think there is a clarity that comes with age where you see your life and the decisions that you made in a completely different way – wisdom truly comes with age. 

From a very young age, I found that I related more to people who were older than me than to those that were my age. I have never cared for the drama of youth (or sometimes adulthood). I prefer to spend my time with those who have the wisdom of years of learning. So, it was only natural that I felt a connection to Rose Trewidney because, in a way, she was me when I was ten-years-old. 

I couldn’t get enough of Annie Lyons’ writing style in THE BRILLIANT LIFE OF EUDORA HONEYSETT. It drew me and made my heart grow with so much love for the cantankerous Eudora as she discovered what it was like to have friends. The sections of the book that featured Eudora’s earlier years brought such a heaviness to my chest as I read about her sacrificing herself for others constantly. She never gave up trying to follow her father’s last wishes even though it meant that her happiness never came first. 

This was truly a beautiful story about finding friendship in the unlikeliest of people and that it’s never too late to discover that it is okay to put yourself first. I was captivated by Eudora and her brilliant life. 

I recommend this book to anyone who needs something that makes their heart feel good. THE BRILLIANT LIFE OF EUDORA HONEYSETT was published on September 8, 2020, and can be ordered now!

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