Girl Awakened

Thank you to Suzanne Adams for sending me a copy of GIRL AWAKENED to read and review! 

“Samantha Kingston isn’t what anyone would call a spiritually-bent millennial. With her perfect boyfriend, perfect job, and perennially-packed social calendar, the world of crystals, downward dogs, chakras and intentions seem as distant to her as Mars. Absurd too, given the sole session she had with a Reiki “healer” who claimed she was well on her way to true love and eternal contentment—an assertion that’s made all the more ludicrous when Sam loses her envy-inducing, Insta-ready life in a matter of weeks. 

But in the throes of Sam’s sudden depression, a different realm appears—one in which her late grandfather shows up in her living room, archangels confront her on hiking trails, hot men with glowing auras flirt with her at Target, and a morally bankrupt man who died of alcoholism materializes in her most desperate moments. Is she losing her mind—or is she on the cusp of a radical personal revolution? She doesn’t have much time to think about it, as a shamanic astrologer orders her to travel to several power spots around the globe, all of which are meant to take her farther away from the sinister influence of a group of unseen souls and closer to her genuine purpose on Earth—at least this time around.”

As a child/young adult, I always felt creative and open to new concepts, ideas, karma, and spiritual revelations. But, over time, it seemed like that part of me began to close off from the world. For a child who used to be able to look at the clouds and see animals, it was profoundly confusing to look up at the sky and see white blobs. What had happened to that side of my brain? Why was it shut off and how did I manage to turn it back on? So, when Suzanne Adams asked if I would be interested in reading her book, there was that part of me that was drawn to the story because it seemed to touch on a side of myself that I hadn’t seen for ages. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading GIRL AWAKENED as it brought to light a lot of concepts that I had forgotten over the years. It made me want to get back into yoga and to finally give meditation a try. There are so many aspects to our spiritual sides that we take for granted; it was refreshing to be reminded that there are ways to reconnect with those sides. 

Samantha was a mildly relatable character for me as she held a lot of the same viewpoints as I do. I must say that I was completely heartbroken within the first 10 pages due to Honey’s death — spoiler alert/trigger warning there is graphic death of an animal at the beginning of the book. 

There was just enough mystery to the story that it kept me interested and wanting to read more. I was taken by surprise at the cliffhanger at the end of the story – I hadn’t anticipated the book ending in such a way but I look forward to the next book in the series]. If you have ever been interested in awakening the spiritual side of your brain then I would recommend this book to you. Please remember that it is a book of fiction but there is a lot of good information nestled within the pages. 

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