The House on Fripp Island

“We crossed the bridge to enter Fripp Island, a luscious, jungled thumbprint of land that contains every shade of green you could imagine, from almost-yellow to almost-black…”

Thank you to HMH Books & Media for gifting me a copy of THE HOUSE ON FRIPP ISLAND by Rebecca Kauffman.

“Fripp Island, South Carolina is the perfect destination for the wealthy Daly family: Lisa, Scott, and their two girls. For Lisa’s childhood friend, Poppy Ford, the resort island is a world away from the one she and Lisa grew up in—and when Lisa invites Poppy’s family to join them, how can a working-class woman turn down an all-expenses-paid vacation for her husband and children?

But everyone brings secrets to the island, distorting what should be a convivial, relaxing summer on the beach. Lisa sees danger everywhere—the local handyman can’t be allowed near the children, and Lisa suspects Scott is fixated on something, or someone, else. Poppy watches over her husband John and his routines with a sharp eye. It’s a summer of change for all of the children: Ryan Ford who prepares for college in the fall, Rae Daly who seethes on the brink of adulthood, and the two youngest, Kimmy Daly and Alex Ford, who are exposed to new ideas and different ways of life as they forge a friendship of their own. Those who return from this vacation will spend the rest of their lives trying to process what they witnessed, the tipping points, moments of violence and tenderness, and the memory of whom they left behind.”

Alright, y’all truth time. When I first saw this book, I did not care what it was about, I just knew that I HAD to read it. Fripp Island is where my husband and I vacation every year; if I could pack up and move down to that tiny beautiful island, I would in a second. So, when my friends at HMH Books were kind enough to gift me a copy, I dove right in and started reading, hoping to be uprooted out of my Kentucky home and onto the beach of Fripp. Also, my husband read this book too so it’s been fun to discuss our thoughts on the storyline.

How did I feel about this book? I enjoyed it! At first, I will admit, that I was confused because there are several characters introduced at the beginning of the book so I was attempting to keep them all straight; by page 50, I had all of them figured out. Also, while it is not specified, I think that this book was set during the ’90s, and once I made that determination, everything sort of fell into place a lot easier.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a coming of age story but in its own way it is. It was fascinating to follow along with all of the characters as the story is told in third-party omniscient. This allowed me to have a greater understanding of all of the characters.

On a completely personal note, the way that the author wrote regarding the people of Fripp is that they are all very well to do and are standoffish. But, in my experience, the people of Fripp are incredibly kind and welcoming – there is a reason why it’s one of my favorite places to visit.

Also, in a sensitivity warning, there is drug usage, cancer references, wild animal death, and gambling. If you have any questions about these, please let me know!

Thank you, again, to HMH Books for gifting me this book. THE HOUSE ON FRIPP ISLAND will be published on June 2, 2020, and is available to pre-order now!

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