Little Secrets

“Four minutes. That’s all it took to steal a child. A lollipop, a Santa suit, and two hundred and forty seconds.”

Thank you to Minotaur Books for gifting me a copy of Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier. 

“From the author of Jar of Hearts, a mother driven to the edge by the disappearance of her son learns her husband is having an affair with the woman who might have kidnapped him.

Four hundred and eighty seconds. That’s how long it took for someone to steal Marin Machado’s four-year-old son.

Marin had a perfect life. Married to her college sweetheart, she owns a chain of upscale hair salons, and Derek runs his own company. They’re admired in their community and are a loving family. Up until the day Sebastian is taken.

A year later, Marin is a shadow of herself. The FBI search has gone cold. The publicity has faded. She and her husband rarely speak. The only thing keeping her going is the unlikely chance that one day Sebastian reappears. She hires a P.I. to pick up where the police left off, but instead of finding him, she discovers that Derek is having an affair with a younger woman.

Kenzie Li is an artist and grad student—Instagram famous—and up to her eyeballs in debt. She knows Derek is married. She also knows he’s rich, and dating him comes with perks: help with bills, trips away, expensive gifts. He isn’t her first rich boyfriend, but she finds herself hoping he’ll be the last. She’s falling for him—and that was never part of the plan.

The discovery of the affair sparks Marin back to life. She’s lost her son; she’s not about to lose her husband, too. Kenzie is an enemy with a face, which means this is a problem Marin can fix. But as she sets a plan in motion, another revelation surfaces. Derek’s lover might know what happened to their son. And so might Derek.”

Holy cow, y’all, this book was mind-blowing. I will be recommending LITTLE SECRETS to everyone and anyone who loves a good thriller that will keep you up until the early hours of the morning. Who needs to sleep? 

I was hooked from the first chapter as Hillier gave her readers a glimpse into one of the focal points of the story; Marin’s son going missing – snatched right out from beside her as she walked through a market days before Christmas. And, even though I knew that her son was going to disappear, it still didn’t stop me from holding my breath as Marin discovered that her son was gone. And from that chapter on, it was nothing short of pulse-pounding.

I loved the alternating perspectives Hillier offered between Marin and other characters (I don’t want to give anything away here); it allowed me to feel fully immersed in the storyline. I also have to say that I have never felt so many emotions while reading a thriller; sad, angry, frustrated, dread, disgust, sadness and love.. all of the above. It was an incredible book.

I did have my suspicions as to where the story was heading but that didn’t stop me from loving it any less; in fact, I think it made me love it more because I was able to see how Hillier laying the groundwork for that final twist. It was mesmerizing. 

If you don’t have LITTLE SECRETS on your radar, I highly encourage you to stop what you’re doing and add this to your reading list. I can’t wait to read the hypnotizing story that Jennifer Hillier writes next.

Thank you Minotaur Books for gifting me a copy of this book. LITTLE SECRETS will be available to order from your favorite local bookstore on April 21, 2020. 

2 responses to “Little Secrets”

  1. I was holding my breath just reading your review. Will have to put this on my summer reading list.
    That’s the sweetest puppy ever….


  2. This sounds list the perfect suspenseful thriller. I haven’t read Jar of Hearts yet but have read so many positive reviews. It’s been on my TBR for a while. I like that this one includes multiple POV so the reader can sympathise with more than one side of the story. They always seem to have a lot more depth and really draw me in. Fab review! – Jen


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