Such a Fun Age

“… She would say good-bye in yearbook signatures and through heart-broken tears and through emails and over the phone. But, she’d never say good-bye to Emira, which made it seem that Emira would never be completely free of her.”

Thank you Putnam Books for gifting me an advanced copy of Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. 

“Alix Chamberlain is a woman who gets what she wants and has made a living showing other women how to do the same. A mother to two small girls, she started out as a blogger and has quickly built herself into a confidence-driven brand. So she is shocked when her babysitter, Emira Tucker, is confronted while watching the Chamberlains’ toddler one night. Seeing a young black woman out late with a white child, a security guard at their local high-end supermarket accuses Emira of kidnapping two-year-old Briar. A small crowd gathers, a bystander films everything, and Emira is furious and humiliated. Alix resolves to make it right.

But Emira herself is aimless, broke, and wary of Alix’s desire to help. At twenty-five, she is about to lose her health insurance and has no idea what to do with her life. When the video of Emira unearths someone from Alix’s past, both women find themselves on a crash course that will upend everything they think they know about themselves, and each other.”

I was sucked into this storyline from the first page. It was such a refreshing take on all of the things that make our world go round. I was inexplicably drawn to Emira as she seemed to be years beyond her age and handled everything that happened to her with such grace and dignity. 

Kiley Reid is truly a gifted author and can write a book that incorporates characters from such complex backgrounds. I was in awe of her ability to tell the story in such a tone that made it easy to handle and didn’t leave me feeling a heaviness in my heart. 

What happened in that grocery store to Emira didn’t take up the entire book. It was a turning point in Emira’s life, as well as for the life of Alix Chamberlain. The intricacies that came with the two women working together as well as the character development throughout the story was fascinating.

Thank you, again, to Putnam Books and Kiley Reid for the opportunity to read this book before its release date. 

Such a Fun Age was released on January 7, 2020, and is available for order now! It was also chosen as Reese’s Book Club’s January Pick!

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