The Wicked Redhead

“Just the two of us. Lying under the hot sky. And I expect there must be some kind of tonic in the air, some kind of vaporous love potion, because I cannot look at this man without desiring to touch him… I am punch drunk, I am dead gone.”

Thank you William Morrow Books for gifting me an advanced copy of Beatriz William’s newest book THE WICKED REDHEAD. 

“New York City, 1998: When Ella Gilbert discovers her banker husband is cheating on her, she loses both her marriage and the life she knew. In her new apartment in an old Greenwich Village building, she’s found unexpected second love with Hector, a musician who lives upstairs. And she’s discovered something else, just as surprising—a connection to the mesmerizing woman scandalously posed in a vintage photograph titled Redhead Beside Herself.

Florida, 1924: Geneva “Gin” Kelly, a smart-mouthed flapper from Appalachia, barely survived a run-in with her notorious bootlegger stepfather. She and Oliver Anson, a Prohibition agent she has inconveniently fallen in love with, take shelter in Cocoa Beach, a rum-running haven. But the turmoil she tried to leave behind won’t be so easily outrun. Anson’s mother, the formidable Mrs. Marshall, descends on Florida with a proposition that propels Gin back to the family’s opulent New York home, and into a reluctant alliance. Then Anson disappears during an investigation, and Gin must use all her guile and courage to find him.

Two very different women, separated by decades. Yet as Ella tries to free herself from her ex, she is also hunting down the truth about the captivating, wicked Redhead in her photograph—a woman who loved and lived fearlessly. And as their link grows, she feels Gin urging her on, daring her to forge her path, wherever it leads.”

I am an admirer of Beatriz Williams; she has a  talent for writing an impeccable historical fiction story. I am consistently transported back into the period that Williams is writing about and occasionally forget that I am not experiencing what I am reading. She is an immensely talented author and after reading THE WICKED CITY and THE WICKED REDHEAD, I feel that even more so. 

First, I should mention to you that to read THE WICKED REDHEAD that you must read THE WICKED CITY. Although written years apart, you can’t start reading REDHEAD until you’ve read the first book in the series. This is a series, right? I need another book following Geneva Kelly and Ella Gilbert, asap. 

The descriptions in these books are mesmerizing. I have always been fascinated by the 1920’s prohibition era and after reading THE WICKED REDHEAD I am even more interested in that era. Geneva ‘Ginger’ Kelly became a real person to me and I wish I had the tenacity that she does. 

The book is told through alternating periods and perspectives; the 1920’s with Ginger and 1998 with Ella. I love the chapters following Ginger but I felt a pull towards Ella’s character. There is something about her that I could relate to. 

If you are a historical fiction lover, I think the WICKED CITY series is for you! Be prepared to be transported to the prohibition era. 

THE WICKED REDHEAD will be released on December 10th! I am currently hosting a giveaway through my Instagram ( @thebookend.diner) if you would like to enter for a chance to win a copy of THE WICKED REDHEAD before its release. 

Thank you, again, William Morrow Books and Beatriz Williams for this superbly entertaining book!

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