Pursuits Unknown

Thank you to BookSparks for gifting me a copy of Pursuits Unknown so that I could read and write my, honest, review of the book. 

Amy and her kelp-shepherd mix, Lars work with a search team that specializes in finding lost people. Despite his average-mutt appearance, Lars is no ordinary dog; he and Amy have a telepathic connection. While Lars has a lot to learn about human language, their bond allows them to communicate in unusual ways, and it’s a boon to their success rate. 

When Amy and Lars find a missing scientist suffering from Alzheimer’s-like disorder “Disorientation,” Amy and her support team realize this is not a typical lost-person case. Instead, this assignment appears to be an attempt to steal this man’s highly sensitive research on nanotechnology— which, in the wrong hands, could be used to wipe out undesirables from their overpopulated world. To uncover the truth, Amy is forced to go undercover, and to confront— and surpass- her limitations.

I love animals, if you follow me on Instagram then you know that my most precious reading companions are my two dogs. During the summer, I spend the majority of my day alone with them and I often find myself wishing that they could talk to me. So, when I was gifted a copy of Pursuits Unknown, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read about Amy and her kelpie-shepherd mix who can communicate with one another. 

Unfortunately, this book was not for me. I picked it up and attempted to read it once but found that I couldn’t keep track of the characters or the storyline. So, thinking that I was in a bit of a reading rut, I put the book down and decided to read something else. After a few weeks, I picked up the book again and started from the beginning hoping for a different outcome. Sadly, that plan didn’t work out. 

I will say that it is obvious to me that the author Ellen Clary did her research. The way that she wrote about dogs and her knowledge of animals was fascinating. I could tell that this is something near and dear to her heart. 

I always get so anxious when I write about a book that didn’t suit my tastes because I don’t want it to interfere or cause someone to not pick up the book to read. Every book is meant for someone. We can not all expect our tastes to be similar. So, with that being said, I know there are going to be people out there who will love this book. 

Thank you BookSparks for sending me a copy of this book to read and review. 

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