The Last Book Party

Thank you to Henry Holt Publishing for gifting me an advanced copy of The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess.

“In the summer of 1987, 25-year-old Eve Rosen is an aspiring writer languishing in a low-level assistant job, unable to shake the shadow of growing up with her brilliant brother. With her professional ambitions floundering, Eve jumps at the chance to attend an early summer gathering at the Cape Cod home of famed New Yorker writer Henry Grey and his poet wife, Tillie. Dazzled by the guests and her burgeoning crush on the hosts’ artistic son, Eve lands a new job as Henry Grey’s research assistant and an invitation to Henry and Tillie’s exclusive and famed “Book Party”— where attendees dress as literary characters. But by the night of the party, Eve discovers uncomfortable truths about her summer entanglements and understands that the literary world she so desperately wanted to be a part of is not at all what it seems”. – Goodreads

I love a good coming-of-age story, that is written about someone whose world revolves around books so I was thrilled when I was able to read The Last Book Party prior to its release date. 

I think that this book makes for a classic summer read; or, even something for a book club to pick up. Eve Rosen’s story is light and engaging; transporting you to a place and a time that life seemed to be a little more revered. I, myself, wish that I could have been able to live in such an incredible area as Karen Dukess made Cape Cod in 1987 out to be. The books were mesmerizing, the people were entertaining and the parties were lavish; how fun to be a part of that era.

The writing style of The Last Book Party was alluring and, at times, lyrical. It transported me to the world that they were living in and I could feel the passion (and the drama) pouring from the pages.

The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess will be released on June 9th but is available for pre-order now. I encourage to add it to your summer reading list! 

Thank you to Henry Holt Publishing and Karen Dukess for the advanced copy of this title!

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