Daisy Jones & the Six

“It is what I have always loved about music. Not the sounds or the crowds or the good times as much as the words— the emotions, and the stories, the truth— that you can let flow right of your mouth.”

If you grew up during the ‘70s then you know who Daisy Jones & The Six were. How could you not? They were literally everywhere. They grew to the top of the charts in no time, their concerts were sensational, and their lyrics were mesmerizing. And well, their rise and fall were legendary. They seemed to be at the height of their career and then unexpectedly they canceled their remaining shows and never performed together again.

Almost 32 years since their final show, the truth behind their split is finally going to be revealed. Daisy Jones & the Six is the ultimate tell-all interview of the band that rocked the ‘70s and what led to their abrupt end in July of 1979.

I have been counting down the days, waiting (rather impatiently) for Taylor Jenkins Reid’s newest novel Daisy Jones & The Six and wow, what a story!

Let me begin by saying that this is the first time I have read an interview style novel; I was a bit thrown at first. But, once I got into the groove of the story, I couldn’t put it down. It encompasses everything that the 70’s were about; love, sex, drugs, and rock & roll. I say that not having experienced the ‘70s at all but wishing I had. A child born in 1988 can only dream of such a magnificent time. This book was like a lesson in rock & roll history.

Also, to me, the characters in this novel weren’t really characters; they were artists. They came alive to me and while writing this review, I found it difficult to refer to them as characters; they were so much more than that. They have definitely joined the long list of “characters” from books that I think about often.

I loved the artists differing version of what happened during the years that Daisy Jones & The Six were together. So many times, when I’m reading a novel it seems that everything is neat and orderly, meaning you know exactly what the characters are feeling and what is going on in their minds. But, with this novel, the artists’ version of what transpired between them differed—maybe the reason for that was because they were lying (to make themselves look better) or they didn’t want to admit the truth of what had really occurred. It left me wanting to know more and I loved that.

I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era, I’ve never felt like I belonged in the ‘90s. I’ve always felt like I belonged in the ‘20s or the ‘70s and this novel really brought that home for me. I wanted to be there, to truly be there; to see Daisy Jones & The Six myself, with my own eyes, and to be able to hear their songs. To see the cover for their album, to hold it in my hands. I was (and still am) disappointed that I’ll never be able to truly experience who they were.

I was completely awestruck by this novel. Not only did Taylor Jenkins Reid write a memorable story, but she also wrote some incredible lyrics to go along with her story. I envy the talent that she possesses.

I can promise you this. I will most certainly be reading this again and I will recommend it to anyone out there who wants to be transported back in time to experience Daisy Jones & The Six.

Until next time Taylor Jenkins Reid!

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