Undercover Bromance

“History was built by thousands of women who thought they were just housewives or just secretaries or just seamstresses until the day they got fed up and decided to fight back.”

Darling Rose Gold

"But some of us cannot forget and will never forgive. We keep our axes sharp, ready to grind. We hold pleas for mercy between our teeth like jawbreakers. They say a grudge is a heavy thing to carry. Good thing we're extra strong."

The Red Lotus

"I still thought we might be okay. Do nothing -- nothing more-- lie low, and it will all go away. And then he told me he had done exactly the opposite of what I had asked, and I knew for sure the walls were closing in. And it was all because of that ER doctor. She was like a dog with a bone."

Wild at Heart

“I also sensed the tectonic shift somewhere deep inside – my time in Alaska had changed me in ways I couldn’t pinpoint but also couldn’t ignore. Who I was and who I am now seem like two different people.”

Eight Perfect Murders

"Disclaimer: While what you are about to read is largely true, I have recreated some events and conversations from memory. A few names and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the innocent."

Keep Me Afloat

"Marriage is like a fence. Just because there are a few broken boards or rotted-out posts doesn't mean you tear the whole thing down and burn the lumber. You repair the weak spots. You move on."

Almost Just Friends

"My mom used to say that the past was just building blocks to the future. That all regrets, mistakes and miscalculations were the foundation, and as necessary as air."


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