Recipe for a Perfect Wife

“..the hardest question we have to ask ourself in this life is, “who am I?”. Ideally, we answer it for ourselves, but be warned that others will strive to do it for you, so don’t let them”

The Wives

“A woman’s greatest foe is sometimes her hope that’s imagined it all. That she herself is crazy rather than the circumstances of her life. Funny the emotional responsibility a woman is willing to take on just to maintain an illusion..”

Dear Edward

“What happened to you is baked into your bones. It lives under your skin. It’s not going away. It’s part of you and will be part of you every moment until you die. What you’ve been working on, is learning to live with that.”

You Were There Too

“It occurs to me that marriage is a lot like (a) TV. The connection gets loose sometimes – even to the point where you think it might not work anymore – but then something jars it and the wires slip back in place, exactly where they belong, lighting up the screen and bringing back the sound; everything worked as it should.”

The Network

“What a terrible thing pride is. If it were only my life to be lost, I could almost be grateful, for in posting it I have found it.”

Regretting You

“Attraction isn’t something that only happens once, with one person. It’s part of what drives humans. Our attraction to each other, to art, to food, to entertainment. Attraction is fun. Relationships are hard for that very reason. Your body and your heart don’t stop finding the beauty and the attraction in other people simply because you’ve made a commitment to one person.”


“Well… now, I’m starting to think.. you don’t know what might be coming next. And it might be something nice. Something good, even though everything before it wasn’t good at all.”