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Hi! My name is Chase. Welcome to my blog! I started The Bookend Diner in 2019 and have loved connecting with people all over the world through books and food. I’m 33 years old, a wife, dog mom and avid reader of all genres. I love to bake and experiment with new foods. I also love (reasonably priced) fashion, home decor and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m a mental health advocate and think we all need to take time to enjoy the things that bring us happiness.


  • Then She Was Gone

    Then She Was Gone

    “If she could rewind the timeline, untwist it and roll it back the other way like a ball of wool, she’d see the knots in the yarn, the warning signs. Looking at it backward, it was obvious all along.”

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  • Spare


    “No one had an answer for a boy seeking external pain to match his internal.”

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  • What Lies in the Woods

    What Lies in the Woods

    “There were women who seemed made to disappear into the cracks, and those whose vanishing had turned communities upside down, and all of them were just as thoroughly gone.”

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  • The Villa

    The Villa

    “All the drugs and the women and the men, all the wild, dark rumors, all of that is both a distraction from and an offshoot of what this man can do.”

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  • All the Dangerous Things

    All the Dangerous Things

    “I like to think of our memories like a mirror: reflecting images back to us, something familiar, but at the same time, backward. Distorted. Not quite as they are.”

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  • The Social Climber

    The Social Climber

    “You’re either kind, or you’re not. You’re born with it, or you die without it.”

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